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Welcome to the Valley Vettes Corvette Club
Established 1983

The purpose of this social club is to promote the
fellowship of Corvette enthusiasts.

140 Members

Club Events
April Club dues are due by April 30!
May 14 Valley Vettes Club Meeting
June 6 Hot Rod Power Tour
June 7 Trip Around The Lake
June 11 Valley Vettes Club Meeting
June 13 Flag Day Parade
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Other Events 
April 23-24 NCM HPDE
April 23-25 NCM Bash
April 26-29 MiM 3rd Annual Tail of the Dragon Tour
May 14-16 C4 Gathering
May 17 Fox Valley Road & Track Classic Road Tour
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Valley Vette News

Club Dues Are Due!
Renewal, by April 1|
$35.00 or single or couple ($40 for yourfirst year)
Please checks  payable to:
Valley Vettes
PO Box 2555, Appleton, WI  54912.

Ivan and Mary Schrodt Donate Five Corvettes

The National Corvette Museum received an early holiday gift when on December 18 Ivan and Mary Schrodt donated five of their prized Corvettes.

"When people find out that you have more than one Corvette, they often wonder why that is. My answer is that they are all so different," said Ivan. "They handle differently, they look different, their history is different and the way they evolved makes them all special."

Ivan and Mary have always been car lovers, but their Corvette passion started when Mary surprised Ivan by purchasing a 1996 Polo Green Convertible. They joined the Valley Vettes Corvette Club of Appleton, WI and shortly after, attended the C5 Bash and became members of the Museum. The couple are now not only Lifetime Members of the Museum, but also in the Duntov Society (including the Museum in their estate planning) and Ivan has served on the Museum's Board.

In addition to their first Corvette, the Schrodts donated a 1966 Rally Red 327 Convertible, 1980 Dark Blue Metallic Coupe, 2002 Millennium Yellow Z06 and 2007 Black Z06.

While the cars were originally in a trust for the Museum, their visit to the Motorsports Park set in motion the decision to change those plans. "I got to thinking that instead of waiting years before making the donation, we've got two cars that could be put to good use now by the Museum on this track. The cars would be where they belong. While a lot of people donate their cars to be preserved, and rightfully so for their history, those two cars were donated to be used up. We hope they get a lot of track miles and give a lot of track smiles," Ivan added.
Click here for more of the story
Nation Corvette Museum

Valley Vettes Meeting - January 8, 2015
The Valley Vettes club membership, present at the January 8,2015 club meeting, approved a motion to NOT supply beverages for future club events. The vote was: 32 – Yes and 2 - No. The club by-laws state that a minimum of ten percent of the club membership (140 total at present), including two officers, shall constitute a quorum. This decision followed a significant discussion and resulting recommendation, by the Valley Vettes board of directors, to discontinue the supply of beverages at club events in the future. Several reasons drove the club to this decision: (1) due to the large growth in membership, beverages now cost the club about $1500 in 2014, (2) the club finances have approached or entered into a “deficit” condition requiring some action to rein in expenses, (3) over the last few months, no one has volunteered to take over the management of the club’s beverage supply for club events, (4) a review of our club insurance suggests that coverage for alcohol related claims is subject to several exclusions. Hosts for upcoming club events, the Super Bowl party, February 1, and the Steak Fry, February 14, have been informed of the decision and will begin to implement this decision.
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National Corvette Museum News


GM Releases 2014 Corvette Statistics
General Motors has shared statistics on the Corvettes produced for Model Year 2014. The stats show that Torch Red was the most popular color with 7,197 produced followed by 6,153 Arctic White; 5,929 Black; 4,064 Cyber Gray; 3,281 Laguna Blue; 3,020 Crystal Red; 2,125 Velocity Yellow; 2,088 Blade Silver; 1,827 Nightrace Blue; and 1,566 Lime Rock Green.
View the complete breakdown of the stats on our blog here.

2009 ZR1 Blue Devil Makes Debut After Restoration
This week at the SEMA Show in Las Vegas, Chevrolet held a surprise unveiling - the restored 2009 ZR1 Blue Devil, which had fallen victim to the Museum's sinkhole in February. NCM
Full story here.



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