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Welcome to the Valley Vettes Corvette Club
Established 1983

The purpose of this social club is to promote the
fellowship of Corvette enthusiasts.

140 Members

Club Events
August 1-2 Wisconsin Rapids Cruise and Car Show
August 11(note date change) Valley Vettes Club Meeting Plamann Park
August 13 Valley Vettes Club at Timber Rattlers
August 15 Shiocton Parade & Firemans's Picnic
August 18 Club Photo at Fox Cities Stadium
August 21-24 26th Annual Mackinaw Crossings Auto Show
August 29 Fremont Antique Car Club Swap
September 10 Valley Vettes Club Meeting
September 12 Valley Vettes & Stone Toad Car Show
September 19 Valley Vette Birthday Party
September 27 Fall Color Ride to the Zoo
Click on the Club Events page for more details
Other Events 
July 17 Vintage Race Car Concours D' Elegance - Elkhart Lake, WI
July 17-19 Car Craft Summer Nationals
July 19 Appleton Old Car Show & Swap Meet
Pierce Park
July 19 3rd Annual Jam ‘n Juneau Car Show
July 20 Culver Car Show - Neenah 5:00pm til ?
July 26 4th Annual Matthews Tire Car Show
Click on the Other Events page for more details
Valley Vette News

Flag Day Parade 2015

The weather was a little wet, but the parade went on with a great crowd of people lining the streets. The 9 cars in the parade were beautifully decorated and proudly represented the club. The featured branch of the service for the parade this year was the U. S. Navy. A special thanks to Pat Murray for supplying our cars with the U. S. Navy decals. After the parade we met at The Legacy Supper Club, where other club members joined us for dinner. We would like to thank all the people that
participated in making this a great event.          
Valerie & Gary Sieg

Trip Around The Lake 2015


This is a true story about part of my current journey to acquire a Corvette. I recently made phone and email contact with a small auto dealer in Florida. The actual name is withheld for reasons you will read. The dealer has a 2007 Corvette Pace Car…automatic, convertible with 60,000 miles. After several phone conversations the salesman (we will call him Sparky) asked me if wanted to purchase the car. I offered 15% less than the advertised price. Well I thought the EMTs would have to revive Sparky after his minor heart attack. However he recovered quickly and asked me why so low. I said “This car has 60,000 miles…undesirable on a 2007 Vette”. Sparky rallied saying that 60,000 miles was a GOOD THING!!….the car is fully broken in, has been serviced and early failures have been corrected.…it is no stale garage queen. Well I could barely keep from laughing on the phone. I just wonder what he would have said if the car had only 20,000 miles.

Fast forward three weeks and I am at the same dealer for a test drive of the Pace Car. The car ran well and was clean. So we go to round two of price negotiation. I stick with my original offer. Sparky counters by extolling the many virtues of the Pace Car…. stating it will only go UP in value. I roll my eyes in disbelief so he brings in the general manager….let’s call him The Closer. The Closer wants to “earn my business”. I stick to my original offer. He says Tom you have to love this car. I tell him “I don’t love it….it is an investment that I might sell in two years”. The Closer says “You can’t look at it as an investment because cars always go DOWN in value”.

So there you have it folks “Corvette Voodoo Economics”:
The 2007 Corvette Pace car will simultaneously go UP and DOWN in value.
Tom Vargo


National Corvette Museum News

2015 Corvette Production Stats Released  

Last Friday we received the final production stats for the 2015 model year Corvettes. The final 2015 rolled off the line on Wednesday, June 17, and the first 2016 started on June 22. Here's a quick look at how the year stacked up:

  • 34,240 Corvettes Produced
  • 1,049 R8C Museum Delivery Cars, the 2nd highest number delivered when compared to Chevrolet Dealerships
  • Stingray Coupes 60.6%; Z06 Coupes 20.4%; Stingray Convertibles 14.1%, Z06 Convertibles 4.9%
  • 68% had automatic transmissions
  • Black wheels and black interiors were the most popular
  • Arctic White was the top selling color, though if you combine Torch Red and Crystal Red then "red" is #1.

The complete spreadsheet of stats are available on our website here.
National Corvette Museum

Skydome Reopening Soon, Vettes Needed

In just a few weeks construction on the Skydome
will be complete and it will be reopened to the public for tours. Check out the update from this week from our construction project manager, Zach Massey.

We are busy planning themed displays in the Skydome and are seeking the following Corvettes:
1978 25 Anniversary
1988 36th Anniversary
2012 Centennial Edition
Anyone interested in displaying a Corvette must be a member of the Museum and car loans are typically for one year. Learn more about loaning your car and download an application online here. You can also contact Betty Hardison at 270-467-8841 or via email at betty@corvettemuseum.org
for more information.



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