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Welcome to the Valley Vettes Corvette Club
Established 1983

The purpose of this social club is to promote the
fellowship of Corvette enthusiasts.

152 Members

Club Events
February 13 Winter Festival
March 3 Valley Vettes Club Board Meeting
March 10 Valley Vettes Club Meeting
March 18 Warming Shelter Dinner
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Other Events   
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Welcome to February you know the month some half-dressed Cupid fly’s around obviously suffering from a terminal case of Cabin fever.  The glitter from the holiday has worn out its welcome and all that is left is the cold. So why not get out and enjoy the beauty a Wisconsin winter has to offer. The Bayfield Ice Caves offer a lot of beauty but require some effort to actually see them. The viewing window for these caves normally appears around the end of February or early March and last a week or two depending on weather conditions. Last year was a very small window.  The short notice and small window combine to make this an almost impossible club event and offers it more to the romantic getaway.
Finding lodging becomes almost as much of a shake of the dice as timing the opening of the caves themselves. If you look to the Bayfield website you will find several small hotels or inns nearby but don’t look for a large chain in the area. The web site will also give you options for parking near the Caves or shuttle service options. We used the Shuttle and I would recommend getting there early. The caves have an additional fee of $ 10.00 per person.  I prefer to stay in the North but closer to Minocqua finding the larger hotels more accommodating on short notice. This is however a 2 ½ hr. drive along some very pretty county. We also find the area offers several dining options. A midafternoon stop at Stingray’s for a burger and beer is always nice but an evening dinner at Little Bohemia adds to the romantic atmosphere. What could be more intriguing then stepping back into the roaring 20’s?
On our last trip we ventured out Friday night after work and dinned in Minocqua near the hotel. We found a great café up the road for breakfast and headed to the caves early returning that evening in time to enjoy a good meal at Little Bohemia, someday I will dress more era correct for the night. Our departure on Sunday capped off a soothing and relaxed weekend getaway.
For those of you who winter in Wisconsin our seasons offer views other parts of the country can only dream about. For those who chose to winter somewhere warm you already know the truth and the responsibility lies
Rob McCarry

Valley Vettes Inc.
P O Box 2555   Appleton, WI  54912-2555